Let's Paws


Let’s Paws is a fact-based, information series designed to address common topics of interest in animal care and to provide accurate information about what’s going on at OC Animal Care. Check out some of the topics that have been covered below!


 2020 At-A-Glance
 Is OC Animal Care Open?    
 What Cities does OC Animal Care Service?



 Importance of Microchipping Your Pet    
 Protect Your Pet from Ticks, Fleas and Heartworm Disease
 Reasons to Leash your Dog
 Never Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car
  Help Reunite Lost Pets!
 Lost and Found Community Pets
 Find Kittens? Wait, Watch, Win!
 Rabbit Care




 Coyote Awareness     
 Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease




 Firework Pet Safety    
 Hot Weather Tips