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Animal Permits

To obtain an animal permit application or to find out more information about the application process, please contact OC Animal Care's Business Licensing desk at (714) 796-6429.

Orange County Codified Ordinance 4-1-76 states:

"An animal permit must be obtained from the Director in order to keep or maintain at any residence or upon any other property four (4) or more dogs, required to be licensed under section 4-1-70 of this Article 4, or four (4) or more cats, over the age of four (4) months, unless a license or permit is required by and has been obtained under Title 5 of these codified ordinances authorizing the maintenance of such animals.  Veterinary clinics and veterinary hospitals are excluded from the foregoing animal permit requirement.  The Director shall issue a permit for the keeping of such animals upon receipt of the fee established by the Board of Supervisors and when, in the Director's opinion, such animals may be kept of maintained without endangering the safety and comfort of such animals and the inhabitants of the neighborhood, and the owner or custodian has complied with any other applicable laws, including zoning regulations.  Each such animal shall be individually licensed.  The permit shall specify the number and types of animals authorized to be kept thereunder and may contain any conditions regarding the keeping of animals thereunder deemed necessary by the Director.  Animal permits shall be nontransferable and must be renewed annually.  The Board of Supervisors may, by resolution, adopt regulations governing the keeping of animals under permit, including facility construction and maintenance standards.  Failure to comply with such regulations or any conditions imposed by the Director shall constitute cause for denial or revocation of such permit. 

The provisions of section 5-2-19 of these codified ordinances shall govern appeals from the denial or revocation of a permit under this section.”

Cities that do not currently allow animal permits:

  • Cypress
  • Fountain Valley
  • Huntington Beach
  • Orange  
  • Tustin

Be advised that the City of Fullerton only allows a maximum of four adult animals in any combination of dogs and cats with an Animal Permit.