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Fast-Track Cat Adoption Pilot-Program

What is it?

The Fast-Track Cat Adoption Program is a modification to OCAC’s standard adoption system designed to highlight cats ready for immediate adoption. It streamlines the adoption process, creates more available appointments, decreases length of stay, and allows the adopted pets to go home the same day.

How Does it Work?

Prospective adopters with an appointment are escorted through the Fast Track areas where cats ready for adoption are featured.  OCAC staff facilitate one-on-one meet and greets with prospective adopters and the available cats. When a decision to adopt is made, staff are able to send that animal home that very same day, opening up a spot in the adoption appointment room for the next available kitty.

Why is it helpful?

It makes a variety of cats available for same-day adoptions while eliminating many of the administrative roadblocks associated with the standard adoption process.

Is this a widely adopted process?

The Fast-Track Cat Adoption Program is an OCAC pilot-project adopted in response to COVID-19.  It represents the agency’s continuing commitment to reinventing our operational practices to serve the animals in need while protecting staff and the public from the risk of COVID.

Does this innovative approach cause confusion?

New processes take time to implement.  To feature cats in this program and streamline adoptions, some cats who have met retention  may not be listed on our website in the adoptable category while they are being readied for adoption.   In addition, stray cats are viewable on our lost pets page.

Does this Program slow down adoptions?

No, actually the exact opposite.  Cats in the Fast-Track Program are spayed/neutered and ready to go to their forever homes immediately.  Cats awaiting placement in the program remain in the process of being cleared for adoption to minimize any delay with their placement in a forever home. Kittens and cats are selected for the appointment room based on their availability for adoption, spay-neuter status, and the date they satisfied retention holding periods.

What about the cats not featured in the Program?

OCAC adds new cats to the program daily.   Cats not yet featured in the program are in the process of being readied for adoption by staff which includes spay/neuter surgery and recovery, microchipping, health and behavior examinations, and treatment for minor medical issues.

Does it comply with the law?

Yes, the shelter continues to meet the requirements of local and state laws.

Is it working?

Initial feedback regarding the pilot program from adopters has been overwhelmingly positive.  We will continue to assess the pilot program in the coming days and evaluate success based on feedback from adopters and percentage of successful adoptions by visitors.

How can I get more information?

To schedule a cat adoption appointment, please call 714-935-6848 7 days/week from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.