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Shelter Animals Count: National Database Project

OC Animal Care has joined Shelter Animals Count: The National Database, a nationwide effort, comprised of animal welfare professionals from across the county to provide monthly quarterly and yearly data for our shelter. Our 2015 statistics were calculated using this new tool and our 2016 statistics were reported on a monthly basis to the Shelter Animals Count database. Visit for more information on this nationwide initiative.

In 2004, animal welfare leaders and organizations gathered to find common ground in the animal welfare field.  The initial result was Asilomar Accords which sought common definitions and a standard method of reporting shelter statistics on a local level. This helped open a dialogue about how to understand the challenges of animals entering and leaving animal shelters and the need to seek collaborative solutions nationwide. From this conversation evolved the national reporting database, Shelter Animals Count, for which Asilomar, ASPCA, UC Davis, HSUS and others have agreed are the minimum data points that should be gathered by each organization.

OC Animal Care reports our statistics on our website because we feel that transparency is an important part of being a public agency. In addition, we want our communities to understand the realities that we face as a shelter and the impact that our citizens can have on increasing adoptions and decreasing euthanasia. OC Animal Care is an "open admission" shelter for 14 cities and the unincorporated areas of Orange County. "Open admission" means that we will accept all animals from the cities that we serve whether they are aggressive, feral, sick, underage or injured.

OC Animal Care's priority is to deliver top-notch and progressive services to our communities and animals. Although we have accomplished a great deal in recent years, we continue to strive to enhance our programs and services. There is still a tremendous amount of work for us to do for the animals and we cannot do it alone. We rely heavily on our adoption partners, foster caretakers and volunteers. In addition, we rely on you, the community to help us achieve our goals. OC Animal Care encourages you to spay/neuter your pets, purchase a license, provide a forever home and come to the shelter to adopt.

2021 Statistics:

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